President Biden on Tuesday addressed the United Nations General Assembly and insisted that the US does not seek a Cold War, an apparent reference to China. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., was a guest on “” where he expressed his dismay at the president’s message.

SEN. TOM COTTON: This speech was a disgrace at the United Nations. Joe Biden walked into the United Nations and slapped a giant ‘Kick Me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back. And, in particular, as it relates to China, he bent over backward to conciliate and appease the Chinese Communist Party. He said we don’t seek a new cold war. Well, China’s been waging a cold war against America, on our workers, and our military for decades. The question is not whether we seek one; the question is whether we will fight back in it. Yet Joe Biden wouldn’t even say the word China. He’s apparently too scared to even mention China’s name in a speech addressed to world leaders. What kind of signal does that send to them? What does it send to the leaders of Beijing? I can tell you what they’re doing right now…they are laughing at Joe Biden.